Our Story



In 1903, Cameron's Great Grandfather, Edwin Donald Hughes started his jewellery and watch making apprenticeship in Ramsgate, Kent in the UK. 

Cameron's Papa, Edwin Harry Hughes, became a watchmaker in the 1950's and had his own store, Hughes Watchmaker and Jewellers in Waverley Road East Malvern.

Cameron's Father and Mother, Peter and Pam, originally started in jewellery retailing at 16 in 1974, working in a family business AGB for about 10 years. The two then married in 1980. Peter left to become National Sales Manager for Hirsch Watch Bracelets, a division of The Swatch Group who at the time were the Australian distributors of Omega, Rado, Longines, Swatch and Hirsch.

In 2001, after more than 12 years there, Peter’s dream was to have a shop of his own, placing the emphasis on service. Jewellery is always given for a special reason, it is a gift of love, that often stays in families for generations. Restorations, repairs and remodelling of antique clocks, watches and jewellery is a major part of our business. “These are often items that have great sentimental value”, says Cameron. “We love to be able to help people in an area that is becoming increasingly difficult in which to find good service.” “We want every visit to be a memorable occasion”.

It’s what we do after we do what we are expected to do that makes the difference.

In 2007, Cameron joined the family business and in 2014 his wife, Candice joined too.
And in 2020 as Peter and Pam officially entered retirement, Cameron and Candice have taken over to continue the legacy of Cameron's parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

ANTWERP – ‘THE DIAMOND CAPITAL OF THE WORLD’ ADB Antwerp Diamond Broker Cameron and Candice are members of the Antwerp Diamond Club “This is such a privilege to have access to the world’s largest supply of diamonds. To be able to hand pick from the world’s most beautiful diamonds is such an inspiring experience”.

As your diamond broker, we can source diamonds from all over the world to ensure you have the very brightest diamond available; from any colour, any size and for any budget. Antwerp (Belgium) is ‘The Diamond Capital Of The World’ where more than 80% of the world’s diamonds come from.
Come in and be a part of this amazing success story of Ringwood Jewellers. 

1903 ~ Cameron's Great Grandfather became a watchmaker / jeweller in the UK.
1950 ~ Cameron's Papa became a watchmaker / jeweller and had his own store in East Malvern, VIC.
2001 ~ Ringwood Jewellers opened in Ringwood Square Shopping Centre by Peter and Pam.
2004 ~ Ringwood Jewellers relocated premises to a newer and larger store (in the same shopping centre) on the corner opposite Target.
2007 ~ Cameron, Peter and Pam’s youngest son started working in the business full time. Making us a 4th generation family jewellers.
2009 ~ We extended our store into the shop next door and are now 4 times the size of our original store
2011 ~ Peter and Pam opened PANDORA KNOX CITY.
2012 ~ Cameron launched our Online Store. Open 24/7 for you to shop with confidence from the comfort of your own home.
2012 ~ We were thrilled to open our second Pandora concept store. PANDORA EASTLAND.
2014 ~ Ringwood Jewellers continues to grow and Peter and Pam are so happy to welcome on board Cameron’s wife, their daughter in law, Candice.
2015 ~ We sold both our Pandora Stores and out of Pandora at Ringwood Jewellers.
2015 ~ The all new Ringwood Jewellers Eastland Opened!
2019 ~ We closed our Ringwood Square store after 18 wonderful years.
2020 ~ The year of Covid-19. We were hit so hard with this and as a result couldn't afford to be at Eastland, so we have had to close our store. But as of October 2020 we moved back to our home at Ringwood Square Shopping Centre. Peter and Pam officially retired and Cameron and Candice officially took over.
2023 ~ With the world reopen, we're heading back to Antwerp, Belgium, the Diamond Capital of the World. Call in to pre order your Antwerp Diamond Today!